thank you so much for your kindness in my time of need. i nowhave some HOPE.

Thank you for a wonderful life. Keep up the fantastic work on behalf of those of us who cannot fight for ourselves.

Thank you again for all your help. It is a comfort to know that there are caring people like you in this world.

My thank you seems so small compared to all you’ve done, but it comes from my heart.

We Make a Difference

Since 2002, Partners for Women and Justice has provided legal assistance to thousands of deserving women striving to escape abusive relationships and secure safety for themselves and their children.

We have trained and worked with several hundred pro bono attorneys who have donated millions in free legal services to our clients as they seek protective orders, safe custody and visitation arrangements and fair awards of child support and spousal support.

Pro Bono Attorney Profile:
William K. Mosca, Jr. Esq., Bevan, Mosca & Guiditta P.C. 

Partners for Women and Justice recognizes William K. Mosca, Esq., a founding shareholder of the corporate law firm Bevan, Mosca, & Giuditta P.C., for his continuous dedication to our clients.

Since 2004, Mosca has represented our clients in Final Restraining Order hearings, handling seven cases in that time. At his first trial, Mosca recognized the real impact of representing our clients. According to Mosca, “My client told me that she got the results she needed…to be at peace”.  For Mosca, the most rewarding part of representing Partners clients is the moment when a client realizes that she is no longer in danger.  “It’s incredibly gratifying when somebody can look at me and smile, because she finally feels safe and understands that the system has worked for her...”

Mosca’s extensive background in litigation has prepared him to handle domestic violence trials with great skill and deep understanding. He began his career as a civil trial lawyer and later represented major corporate clients both in-house and in a large firm before co-founding his own private practice firm. Now, his firm employs more than 20 corporate litigators. Mosca and his team still make volunteering for Partners a priority.

Mosca notes the sea change in laws relating to domestic violence.  “Domestic violence law now takes abusive behavior out from back-rooms, out from the shadows, and forces abusers to recognize and face the consequences of their actions”. Years ago, Mosca adds, domestic violence was a taboo issue. But now, the law reflects society’s better understanding of domestic violence and its impact.  Mosca contributes to this understanding by using his experience in representing survivors of domestic violence to continually educate his friends and colleagues about the hurdles victims face.

Mosca credits Partners with making a huge impact in the lives of so many women and children caught in the grips of intimate partner violence.  But Partners could not make that impact without the hard work of Mosca and other pro bono volunteers like him.  THANK YOU William Mosca for all you have done both to educate others about this important issue and to break the cycle of violence for the women and children you have represented. 


Thank you to all of our Spring Benefit honorees, sponsors, donors and volunteers for making our 2015 Spring Benefit a huge success!

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National Conversation on Domestic Violence

Partners for Women and Justice welcomes the wide-ranging public conversation about domestic violence that is now taking place in this country.   We are encouraged that it will help people understand the full extent of intimate partner violence, the dynamics of an abusive relationship, why it is so hard to leave, and that most domestic violence is not video-taped - - it occurs behind closed doors and in private every day. 

The problem is not limited to football or any other sport.  It is widespread, and only a change in societal culture and values will finally eliminate domestic violence and make the world a safer place.  Partners encourages the National Football League to take a leadership role in that effort.   Click here to read the letter.

Our Mission

Partners for Women and Justice empowers low-income and abused women to build safe and secure futures for themselves and their children by providing equal access to justice.  We offer quality legal assistance in domestic violence and family law matters.

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Help us kick off Domestic Violence Awareness month...JOIN THE RIDE! 

Each year Partners' attorneys help hundreds of low-income women and their children find safety and peace.  Your ride will help raise the critical funds needed to continue to provide free legal services!  Please support our  Break the Cycle of Domestic Violence event and register today!   

New York City FLYWHEEL
Tuesday, October 6, 2015 8:00 PM

Montclair, NJ 3SIXTY Cycling Studio
Tuesday, October 6, 2015 6:00 PM

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Wednesday, October 7, 2015 7:30 PM

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Spring Benefit 2015!


Jim Axelrod, Kevin Rendino, Tina Jordan, James Brown and Jane Hanson

Partners' supporters, Jim Axelrod, Kevin Rendino and Tina Jordan, joined Partners' Executive Director, Jane Hanson, in presenting James Brown (JB) with his Partner in Hope Award.

James Brown, CBS Sports and CBS News accepts his Partner in Hope Award - Watch the Video

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