thank you so much for your kindness in my time of need. i nowhave some HOPE.

Thank you for a wonderful life. Keep up the fantastic work on behalf of those of us who cannot fight for ourselves.

Thank you again for all your help. It is a comfort to know that there are caring people like you in this world.

My thank you seems so small compared to all you’ve done, but it comes from my heart.

We Make a Difference

Since 2002, Partners for Women and Justice has provided legal assistance to thousands of deserving women striving to escape abusive relationships and secure safety for themselves and their children.

We have trained and worked with several hundred pro bono attorneys who have donated millions in free legal services to our clients as they seek protective orders, safe custody and visitation arrangements and fair awards of child support and spousal support.

National Conversation on Domestic Violence

Partners for Women and Justice welcomes the wide-ranging public conversation about domestic violence that is now taking place in this country.   We are encouraged that it will help people understand the full extent of intimate partner violence, the dynamics of an abusive relationship, why it is so hard to leave, and that most domestic violence is not video-taped - - it occurs behind closed doors and in private every day. 

The problem is not limited to football or any other sport.  It is widespread, and only a change in societal culture and values will finally eliminate domestic violence and make the world a safer place.  Partners encourages the National Football League to take a leadership role in that effort.   Click here to read the letter.

Partners' Pro Bono Attorney Profile:  Alyse M. Aruch, Esq.

Alyse joined our pro bono program in 2011 and immediately began taking Final Restraining Order cases.  In the three years that she has been volunteering with us, Alyse’s efforts have ensured the safety of four abused women.  Alyse won Final Restraining Orders for three women and negotiated a stay-away order entered on consent for another woman.  The impact that Alyse has had on these ladies’ lives
is real and lasting.  They are safer for having met her. 

In addition to the extraordinary commitment that Alyse has made to helping women with Final Restraining Order hearings, she frequently goes above and beyond the call of duty to help her clients.  Most of our pro bono attorneys conclude their representation when the Final Restraining Order is entered.  Alyse, however, has continued to represent two clients on post-restraining order motions.  These motions are frequently critical to a client’s continued safety because common issues that arise relate to establishing a family’s financial security through child support and safe dropoff and pickup for the children.  Anytime a domestic violence victim has to go to court to face her abuser it is difficult.  Alyse’s willingness to continue representing her clients shows true dedication.  Partners is so fortunate to have Alyse as a pro bono attorney.  We are so grateful for her tireless work on behalf of abused women and their children. 



Our Mission

Partners for Women and Justice empowers low-income and abused women to build safe and secure futures for themselves and their children by providing equal access to justice.  We offer quality legal assistance in domestic violence and family law matters.

Press & Events & News

Save the Date for Spring Benefit 2015!

May 7, 2015 * Mayfair Farms * West Orange, NJ

Honoring Partner in Hope Recipients:

James Brown (JB)
CBS Sports and CBS News

Lauren Handler, Esq. and David Kott, Esq.
Porzio, Bromberg & Newman P.C., McCarter & English, LLP

Deborah K. Zastocki, DNP, RN, NEA-BC, FACHE
Chilton Medical Center, Atlantic Health System

Honoring Partner in Justice Recipient:  

Alyson Villano, Esq.
JP Morgan Chase Bank, N.A.


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Spring Benefit 2015 Information


IWIRC NJ has chosen Partners as the beneficiary of 10% of the profits from their 6th Annual Shop With a Purpose event.  Thank you IWIRC NJ and thank you to all of our supporters who came to shop for a good cause! 



See photos from the our 2014 Break the Cycle NJ event at SOULCYCLE SHORT HILLS!

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Breaking the cycle, finding justice...Ten years in, legal-aid nonprofit serving abused women wins grant and inspires public art project...

The nonprofit provided legal assistance to 400 women in 2012. But, even with the weight that comes with the casework, the organization is celebrating.

In June, Partners for Women and Justice was awarded a $10,000 New Jersey Heroes grant by First Lady Mary Pat Christie; the money will be used for supporting a fellowship program.

Further, a public mural painted by Montclair State University students, and inspired by the organization's work, was mounted in an alleyway off Valley Road near Bellevue Avenue in late May.

Now, as Partners for Women and Justice marks its 10th year of service this year, its co-founder and executive director, Jane Hanson, said it hopes to send a consistent message to low-income women facing situations of abuse.

"We'll be here for you," Hanson said.