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Leslie Morgan Steiner

March 17, 2011

Partners for Women and Justice welcomes you to
meet New York Times best-selling author, Leslie
Morgan Steiner. Leslie’s memoir, Crazy Love, details
her harrowing experience as a victim of domestic
violence in her first marriage, and is the basis of an
upcoming Lifetime network movie.

Leslie’s numerous accomplishments include:
editing the critically–acclaimed anthology Mommy
Wars, a frank surprising look at American
motherhood from 26 perspectives; serving as General
Manager of the Washington Post Magazine for five
years and working with Johnson & Johnson to launch
Splenda Brand Sweetner. We, here at Partners, are
proudest of Leslie’s determination and courage to
emerge from her experience as a domestic violence
victim and become a powerful advocate for abused
women. Leslie speaks at Domestic Violence events
all over the country raising awareness of the crime of
domestic violence and giving hope to abuse victims.
Partners is thrilled to honor Leslie with a Partner in
Hope Award.