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Marsha Papanek, Esq., Partner in Justice Award Recipient

March 26, 2012

Marsha Papanek, Esq.

Since graduating from Georgetown Law, Marsha Papanek has spent her legal career advocating for victims of violence. As a New York City prosecutor with the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office she handled and supervised complex investigations and prosecutions of homicides and major felonies.  Marsha later worked in the New Jersey Appellate Section of the Public Defender’s office and was an Adjunct Professor at Seton Hall Law School. 

Since 2005 Marsha Papanek has led the legal team here at Partners for Women and Justice, which focuses on domestic violence and family law proceedings, providing assistance to pro se litigants, representation by staff attorneys and representation by pro bono attorneys. With her commitment to the safety of our clients and their children, her legal acumen and skill in trying cases, her understanding of the often byzantine operations of Family Court, her delight in mentoring and guiding new lawyers and her abiding sense of the practical, Marsha has been the driving force behind building our legal program by recruiting, training and mentoring our volunteer and staff attorneys, and by handling a number of cases in court on her own.  Under her watch, our Pro Bono Legal Representation Program has grown to include over 150 attorneys and we have thousands of clients. 

As an active member of the Rachel Coalition Legal Services Committee and several legal committees of the Superior Court of New Jersey she has represented Partners and cultivated our relationships with a myriad of community organizations, other domestic violence and social service providers and the courts.

For her dedication to Partners and the huge contributions she has made as a lawyer and an advocate for women and children who are victims of violence, it is our great pleasure to honor Marsha with our Partner in Justice Award.