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Partners' Pro Bono Attorney Profile: Alyse M. Aruch, Esq.

July 10, 2014

Alyse joined our pro bono program in 2011 and immediately began taking Final Restraining Order cases.  In the three years that she has been volunteering with us, Alyse’s efforts have ensured the safety of four abused women.  Alyse won Final Restraining Orders for three women and negotiated a stay-away order entered on consent for another woman.  The impact that Alyse has had on these ladies’ lives is real and lasting.  They are safer for having met her. 

In addition to the extraordinary commitment that Alyse has made to helping women with Final Restraining Order hearings, she frequently goes above and beyond the call of duty to help her clients.  Most of our pro bono attorneys conclude their representation when the Final Restraining Order is entered.  Alyse, however, has continued to represent two clients on post-restraining order motions.  These motions are frequently critical to a client’s continued safety because common issues that arise relate to establishing a family’s financial security through child support and safe dropoff and pickup for the children.  Anytime a domestic violence victim has to go to court to face her abuser it is difficult.  Alyse’s willingness to continue representing her clients shows true dedication.  Partners is so fortunate to have Alyse as a pro bono attorney.  We are so grateful for her tireless work on behalf of abused women and their children.