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  • Reflections

    May 4, 2016

  • Letter to the NFL

    September 15, 2014

  • Don't soften protection for women

    July 20, 2008

      By FRAN WOOD STAR-LEDGER STAFF July 20, 2008 Since it's only in relatively recent times that society has taken the protection of women's health and safety seriously, a little alarm still goes off when a judicia...

  • Don't Dismiss Abuse

    October 29, 2007

  • Young Pawns in Domestic Abuse Cases

    June 29, 2007

      PERSPECTIVE/OP-ED // Young pawns in domestic abuse cases Friday, June 29, 2007 BY MARSHA PAPANEK, SUZANNE GROISSER AND JANE M. HANSON   Unfortunately, it's too familiar a story these days: A restraining o...